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JOYEETA - A symbol of women's triumph

The bengali word JOYEETA connotes victory of women. Likewise, JOYEETA - an initiative of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs with an overarching objective of empowering women, more specifically in economic considerations, is contributing in the process of promoting gender equality a constitutional obligation of Bangladesh in order to unlock half of its human potentials. At the time of inauguration, on 16 november,2011, the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina envisioned that gradually in each and every district and sub - district, there would be a JOYEETA, a dedicated business platform to support and facilitate the grass root women enterpreneurs to showcase and market their own arts, crafts,products and services. In order to translate the dream into reality, Government has undertaken an initiative ti provide JOYEETA a legal and institutional shape by constituting "Joyeeta Foundation". JOYEETA, following the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister, has already started its expansion promramme to its first leg to a remote Upazila (sub- District Haluaghat, Mymensingh. One of the successful programme of the current government's approach for the development of women entrepreneurs is being conducted under a program 'Joyeeta' marketing center established at dhanmondi Rapa Plaza, 3rd and 4th floor. To promote the products of women enterpreneurs for the first time an independent sales centre was established at the two floors of Rapa Plaza of Dhaka under the programme of "Development Efforts of Women Enterpreneurshio" of Department of Women Affairs. This is a great step of the government to create access to market for the product which is produced by the remote area's women's association of Bangladesh. At present 180 enterpreneurs are being provided with 140 stalls. Disabled and oppressed women enterpreneurs are also provided with stalls.

Background: Under the Department of Women's Affairs, there are more than 16000 registered voluntary women associations at grass root level, countrywide. These associations at the grassroots level have lots of small women entrepreneurs. Due to the absence of adequate infrastructure and women-friendly space, grassroots small women entrepreneurs are not being able to contribute for effective marketing of goods produced by members of the association. These women entrepreneurs are not experienced enough at marketing their products or services. Small women entrepreneurs have to depend on middleman for marketing their produced goods or services. 

Goals and objectives: With the view to market products and services produced by small women entrepreneurs scattered in almost all parts of the country, attempts have been taken by Joyeeta to build women entrepreneur-friendly institutions. This will propagate pace of the development of women entrepreneurs; more employment opportunities for women will be created; discrimination between men and women will reduce. Above all women empowerment and poverty alleviation in the country will gradually take place.

Developed By: Ministry of Women and Children Affairs